How to Make your Package Design Stand Out

Our world is inundated with visual stimulation. We are engrossed in images and videos on our phones, tablets, and computers. Due to the mobility and constant distraction of these devices, packaging companies are having to work harder than ever to get the attention of the consumer. What does it take to make your package design stand out and grab the gaze of the increasingly distracted consumer? Read on for some ideas.

Do Something Different

Whether it’s size, color, or font, try something the competition isn’t doing. Consider a throwback, a catchy phrase, or a unique shape to catch the eye of your target audience. Be savvy about the nature of the consumer and be willing to try new things so that you don’t blend in with the average package.

Entice and Hold

Once you’ve caught the attention of your audience, have something on or about your package design that holds them for at least long enough to make an impact. All you need is to grab their focus for a few seconds to make an impact. Brainstorm catchy phrases, intriguing information, or a cleverly placed image. Make it beneficial for the consumer so they feel like you’re helping them in some way.

Take Advantage of an Advertisement Opportunity

You came up with an awesome package design that’s caught and held the attention of your consumer. Excellent! Now make sure your branding is evident and memorable so that you’re taking advantage of the advertising opportunity that you’ve crafted. 

Package Design Services

For package design expertise, contact the professionals at Liberty Carton. We specialize in packaging design services and are known for our award winning package designs. Our design team can collaborate with you and your brand to come up with a successful package design campaign to get your product noticed and your brand recognized. Contact us today!

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