Corrugated Box Manufacturing Unveiled


The cardboard box was first invented in 1871 by Robert Gair and has become an integral part of our lives.  Whether we’re packing up belongings to set off on a new adventure or receiving a highly anticipated package in the mail, corrugated box manufacturing is quietly ubiquitous in our day to day living.  Here at Liberty Carton, most of what we do is craft sustainable, high quality, and customizable corrugated boxes to fit your commonplace or unique packaging needs. 


Simply Complex

The process of corrugated box manufacturing is actually quite complex.  The creation of a simple cardboard box requires various machines, numerous steps, and it’s all done at a high rate of speed to accommodate needs of efficiency and production.  This is a far cry from Mr. Robert Gair’s original method of construction, and we’re pretty sure he’d be impressed. 

What Liberty Carton Can Do

Liberty Carton operates its own state of the art, ISO certified corrugated plant.  At our Texas facility, we can create B, C, and Super A flutes including any combination of single or double walls to meet your specific packaging needs.  We truly do it all when it comes to corrugated boxes.

Challenges Accepted

Design, sizing, or shipping concerns are of no consequence here at Liberty Carton.  We can accommodate nearly any packaging need that you may have and will gladly tackle a unique challenge.  Contact us and pitch us your idea; we’re always happy to brainstorm with you. 

Green Initiatives Abound

An added bonus of using Liberty Carton for your corrugated box manufacturing needs is that we begin our manufacturing process by recycling Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) into 100 percent recycled linerboard.  This creates a sustainable solution to manufacturing and allows us to be one of the eco-friendliest packaging companies in the world. 

Corrugated Box Manufacturing a la Liberty Carton

Contact Liberty Carton today for your corrugated box manufacturing needs and dreams.  We’re here to fulfill them and make them come true, and as always, our customers rather than our numbers are our first priority.

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